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Founded in 2016, Opernfest Prague (OFP) is a first-of-its-kind program for international soloists, offering exclusive training, performance and professional development opportunities.

One of the primary obstacles for young artists is navigating the time after conservatory. These well-intended artists have a strong technical foundation, but often lack the details, precision and nuance in their presentation. These details come with experience, but few professional houses have the time or resources to dedicate to a singer who is not already a seasoned performer. This is a seemingly insurmountable challenge:One needs experience to be hired in an opera house, but one needs to be in a house to gain that experience.

Creating an Environment to Excel

Fellows at OFP work 1:1 with a team from the National Theater and other A-level houses, isolating and then combining technical, stylistic and dramatic components, resulting in superior artistry brought to the stage. Hear about our fellows experiences, in video testimonials.

OFP is proud to be the only program of its kind where singers make a professional international debut during the program, and have the potential to be offered house contracts directly from their fest participation.

"A revolutionary young artist program"



To learn more about OFP an the award-winning fellows, visit or follow @opernfestprague on instagram.


Opernfest Prague, Anna Trombetta
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